In a blog-entry published back in February 2, 2006, now deleted, I reported a high profile labor dispute, specifically that Patent Attorney Itzhak Rachailovich (now associated with Factor – Patent Attorneys) was suing his former employer Dr.Shlomo Cohen and Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Partners for redundancy benefits, and briefly described the main claims of both sides as reported in the papers.

In that blog-entry I reported that Itzhak Rachailovitch was “formerly head of the intellectual property department at Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Co.”. This was a typographical error. During his employment at Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Partners, Mr. Rachailovich’s responsibilities there were confined to Patent work only. I retract the original statement and apologize to Dr. Shlomo Cohen for any damage to his reputation that the erroneous statement regarding the scope of Mr. Rachailovich’s responsibilities may have caused him and his firm.

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