Israel Patent Office Rules on “Rehutim” – Furniture Trademark

In a ruling published yesterday, the Commissioner of Patents, Dr. Meir Noam confirmed a trademark examiner’s ruling that “Rehutim” the Hebrew word meaning furniture, was too descriptive to be registered as a trademark for publicity, business management and organizing (hosting) exhibitions.

However, the popular Rehutim exhibitions have been held almost every year for decades and annually attracts many thousands of visitors and the applicant provided some evidence that 75% of the Israeli population are aware of the exhibitions. Recognizing some secondary meaning, the commissioner has allowed the word rehutim followed by the year, as in “Rehutim 2005” etc., for exhibitions only. This enlightened ruling actually makes a lot of sense. UK readers will no doubt think of Stampex and the Ideal Home Exhibition – both descriptive, but clearly associated with specific events.     

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