The IP Factor Blog Passes 10,000 Hits on Israel Independence Day

As I write, on Wednesday 25 April 2007, at 9:27 in the evening, Israel Time, I note that the IP Factor blog has had a total of 10,049 hits.  Last night, we were a little short of the 10,000 mark, but as we have many US readers who are a good six or seven hours behind, I reckon there is a good chance that the 10,000th reader logged viewed an article on Israel Independence Day, wherever he / she was.

The IP Factor is now clearly established as the most widely read, most up-to-date, comprehensive resource on Israel-related intellectual property of all types, including patents, copyright, trademarks and designs.

In addition to reporting court decisions, patent office rulings and the like, I also try to keep abreast and to report on developments in Europe, the US, and elsewhere, particularly as they relate to Israeli companies, to technologies where Israel is a significant player, or to international companies with a large Israel presence.

I don’t bother to post the “great blog” comments, or indeed, the spam remarks advertising cars, porn or ripped-off Viagra. I prefer to post reader’s comments only when they contribute something to the discussion. Nevertheless, your views and comments are all reviewed, and I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support.

Some blog entries clock up hits continuously, such as the somewhat frivolous article on a patent for walking through walls. Others, such as that dealing with bogus databases for registering patent applications certainly provide a public service.

I note that I am allowing myself to be more opinionated in some recent articles, and do occasionally criticize the Israel Patent Office for certain decisions. Some early articles have been deleted because I have decided that they were superficial, or indeed wrong. I think the blog has matured somewhat and I assume that the continuously growing number of regular followers and new visitors reported by the tracking software indicates that it provides a service.

Most readers do not identify themselves. Where I have reported on IP issues going to court, the plaintiffs, defendants and their lawyers have written in. Readers who have identified themselves include the Head of the Israel Bar, Dr. Shlomo Cohen, and other emminent members of the Israel IP scene. 

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