Shai 4U vs. Cheque-Out thrown out by Tel Aviv District Court

Shai 4U (Shai means gift in Hebrew) sued Cheque-Out for infringing their patent for a kiosk for making a credit-card monetary gifts to celebrant, for setting up at wedding venues and banqueting suites, claiming 100,000 NIS in damages.

The Tel Aviv Court threw out the case, and now Cheque-Out is counter-suing for defamation, etc.

Back in 2004, I had a client who ‘invented’ a similar device. despite my advice to conduct a patentabiity search, the client was sure that noone else could have come up with such a brilliant idea. After filing a patent application for him, I introduced him to another client, serial inventor and entrepeuner Aharon Lipman, whose company, Lipman Technologies, made credit card readers. He was not interested in investing, claiming that he’d come accross the idea years earlier. Then Jeremy Ben David, a Jerusalem Patent Attorney, sent sent me a client with a similar idea, as he had a conflict. Since I was already representing one inventor of the idea, I couldn’t help them. When my inventor’s patent came up for examination, it turned out that a US company had filed a patent in the early Nineties for a similar device.

The basic idea of opening a temporary credit card payment receiving faccility for a couple to be married, and allowing guests to make monetary gifts over the Internet of via a kiosk at the wedding hall, and to personalize the gift card, appears to be one of those evergreen ideas that keeps on being reinvented. There are at least six inventors that I know about.

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