Federal Judge finds Qualcomm misled industry

A federal judge has ruled that by deliberately concealing patents from an industry standard-setting group, Qualcomm Inc. has waived its rights to enforce two patents on compressing video signals.

U.S. District Judge Rudi Brewster described Qualcomm’s behavior as “extremely foul play” and referred to “its goal of holding hostage the entire industry”.

The judge said Qualcomm worked actively on the Joint Video Team standards-setting body as early as January 2002, before the panel released the H.264 standard in May 2003. By concealing its patents, Qualcomm deprived other companies of a chance to reduce or avoid their dependence on them.

The ruling, is the latest development in the ongoing patent dispute between chip-maker Qualcomm and Broadcom Corp.

Brewster also found Qualcomm guilty of witholding documents and ordered the company to pay Broadcom’s legal expenses.

meanwhile, Qualcomm has apologized for failing to share documents and for “the inaccurate testimony” of some of its witnesses but said it would appeal the decision.

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