Nora Roberts Accuses Cassie Edwards of Plagiarism

In comments in earlier articles on this blog concerning plagiarism allegations brought against Naomi Regan, I have tried to analyze the boundary between plagiarism and research.  For followers of the controversy, the following article may be of interest:

Note: I am not picking sides here, just examining the issues.

With regards to the Ragen case, I have not read the books written by the plaintiffs. I am waiting to see what the judge does with it.

With regards to  the Nora Roberts allegations against Cassie Edwards, I confess not to have read either author.

I have read Flemings(?) Thunderball, Dan Brown’s (?) The Da Vinci Code and many of Naomi Ragen’s (?) works, and believe that all owe something to the work of others and all are contributions to popular literature and enriching to readers.

I think inspirations and sources should be attributed in appendices but derivative works should be allowed to be published.

As to compensation to the writer of the earlier work? It is certainly something to be decided on a case by case question, but I think the legislature should issue guidelines for judges.

I don’t have strong feelings on the subject.

NOTE: Most of my blog entries are inspired by my reading of IP news articles, other blogs, etc. I do not recognize copyright in the content of news articles, but do rewrite what I read and report, or provide a link to the original. 

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