European Community Ranks Israel as an Innovation Leader

The EC Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry commissioned an analysis of world rankings for innovation and Intellectual Property.

The analysis, based on 25 indicators covered five dimensions:

  • intellectual property know-how
  • structural conditions driving innovation
  • investment in knowledge creation through research and development activities
  • the level of innovation at the firm level
  • labour and business activity performance levels.

According to the commission, over a five-year period, four main country groupings emerged, with: Britain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the United States being considered among the world’s “innovation leaders.”

In the next group, considered “Innovation followers” were listed Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, France, Belgium and Canada.

Estonia, Australia, Slovenia, Norway, Czech Republic, Italy, Cyprus and Spain are “moderate innovators,” the study found, while Malta, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Latvia and Romania are “catching-up countries.”

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