‘X Factor’ Hassles eXtra Factor Spoof

Simon Cowell of X Factor have sent a “Cease and Desist” letter to eXtra Factor – a satire about the singing contest reality show, claiming that the comedy musical eXtra Factor is in breach of copyright.

Buckling under the pressure, the popular eXtra Factor spoof will end its run after a final show in Preston. Its cast includes ex-Blue singer Antony Costa and former soap stars Kevin Kennedy (Coronations Street) and Lisa Riley. “It’s disappointing because it was a good piece of theatre, but apparently we did something to upset Mr. Cowell,” said Kennedy.

An X Factor spokesperson said: “They were using the X Factor brand and logo when that is trademarked to us. It was an infringement of our copyright.

In the US, satire is a constitutional right. Britain has a long history of satire, with the Goodies and the “Carry On” films in the Seventies, Goodness Gracious Me and other TV series being tongue-in-cheek take offs of other programs.

As someone else capitalizing on the name Factor myself, I deplore these high-handed tactics.

Categories: Copyright, Intellectual Property, Opinion

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