Significant increase in Israeli PCT filings

In 2008 approximately 1,882 International Patent Applications originating in Israel were filed. This is an increase of 76 applications over 2007, and represents a 7.8% increase.

Israel is the 15th largest user of the PCT mechanism, with 1.1% of the nearly 164,000 PCT applications filed last year originating in Israel.

The overall worldwide increase from 2007 to 2008 was 2.4% so Israel’s statistics are significant.

To put things into perspective, the US filed approx. 53,521 PCT applications last year, representing 32.7% of total PCT filings for 2008 but a decrease of 565 from 2007. Japan, with 28744 filings has 17.5% of the pie, and these two countries together represent more than half the total number of PCT filings. With the US stars and stripes waning, the Japanese Sun is still 3.6% stronger last year than 2007 with an additional 1000 Japanese patent applications filed.

Germany, Republic of Korea, France, China, UK, Holland, Sweden and switzerland come along next in that order.

Korea, China and Sweden have double figure growth, whereas the total number of PCT filings originating from the UK and Holland actually shrunk slightly.

The PCT mechanism is only useful for entities seeking multinational protection. It will be appreciated that the Us and China have very large home markets, and European inventions may also be filed in Europe only. Many US and Japanese inventions are only filed locally. The PCT mechanism is most effective when intending in filing in at least two significant foreing markets.

With a small local population and preferential trade agreements with the US, Europe and with the far East, Israel has to export for financial reasons. Despite the usual jingoism heard from politicians about the Jewish head inventing many patents, Israel’s performance is not that significant in the global scale of things.

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