Thailand to Join Madrid Protocol, but where’s Israel?

Preparations are underway for Thailand to join the Madrid Protocol. Currently, Thai trademark applicants are required to file individual applications to register their marks in each of the countries in which registration is sought. Entry to the Madrid Protocol will mean that Thai trademark applicants can obtain an international registration in several countries by submitting a single application to the Registration Office in Thailand. On August 2 2008 Thailand ratified the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property as a preparatory stage for entry into the Madrid System. In addition, a Thai Trademark Amendment Bill has been tabled. This legislation is required to harmonize domestic laws with Madrid Protocol regulations. As a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Thailand is required to become a signatory to the Madrid Protocol by 2015. Israel was supposed to join Madrid a couple of years ago and has  her trademark laws, launched a new computerized search platform for searching marks, including graphic elements thereof, and also manages to reach target prosecution deadlines of 12 monts from filing. Nevertheless, Israel is yet to announce a date for implementing Madrid. My guess is that with the current drop in new trademark filings, there is no economic incentive on the Patent and trademark Agency to implement a change which will allow multi-class filings and thus cut revenues from filing and prosecuting fees. A source at the Israel Patent and Trademarks Agency has informed me that thenumber of filings has dropped about 30% since the begining of the year as a by-product of the general economic turndown.

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