Patent Application for Human Eyebeam Detection System Publishes

The psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross, M.D.has announced his patent application for a system to detect the electromagnetic energy emitted by the human eye. The patent application,USSN 20090046246 titled “ELECTROMAGNETIC BEAM DETECTION SYSTEM” published in February, nicely timed for Purim, is based on Dr. Ross’ research focused on the human body’s electromagnetic field, which will be detailed in an upcoming book, “Human Energy Fields.” Dr. Ross claims to have discovered proof that the eye emits electromagnetic energy that he calls an “eyebeam” and this is the basis of the patent application. According to Dr. Ross’ application, the electromagnetic beam detection system can be used as a switch and can turn on or off any electrical device. It functions like a clapper light, but uses the electromagnetic energy emitted through the eyes instead of the sound of a hand clapping. Claiming that he can make a tone sound out of a computer using a beam of energy he sends out through his eyes, Dr. Ross has contacted James Randi ( and is waiting to hear from him about the status of his $1 Million Paranormal Challenge.

Categories: Intellectual Property, Patent trivia, Patents

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