Another Two Holding a Tallit

In one of the more ridiculous patent cancelling actions addressed by the Israel Patent Office, Keter Sacrimental Articles LTD. successfully cancelled a patent owned by Indigo Tabernacle Industries LTD. for a religious garment with at least one reinforced edge comprising a strip of material which is stitched by over-lock stitching to the fabric from which the garment is produced. The patent relates to the Tallit Qatan, the fringed undergarment worn by Orthodox males.

There was so clearly nothing inventive about the claimed invention, that one wonders why it was allowed in the first place.

The main claim includes religious garments of all types and appears to lack novelty over the underwear worn by Mormons, i.e. members of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints which seem to have similar reinforcement about the neck.

To distinguish between the secular and profane, it becomes apparent where the Assistant Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, Noach Shalev Shmulovich, got the idea of quoting Baba Mezia in his recent trademark ruling concerning Thank God it’s Friday.

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