Vicar in Copyright Infringement Case over Deforming Playmobile Characters

The IPKat has reported a great story. Apparently,  Pfarrer Markus Bomhard, a protestant priest  has been “deforming” Playmobil figurines to depict Biblical scenes. He designed new outfits for the figurines and painted these in his efforts to make everything look as realistic as possible.

Apparently the priest has added genitals and breasts to his Adam and Eve characters, and has also crucified a plastic man to illustrate the story of Jesus.

Geobra Brandstätter, the manufacturers, are not amused. and www.klicky-bibel.deshow photographs of the vicars efforts.  Pfarrer Markus Bomhard has stated that his aim was “the proclamation of the Christian faith through the use of a great toy”.

How does the holy father know what Adam and Eve or Jesus looked like?

Do Adam and Eve have navels? Why? Why not?

We note that Playmobile have an Exodus edition with Egyptian task-masters and charioteers on sale in Israel for Pesach (Passover). If they want to do a Crucifixion for Easter, why shouldn’t they? On the other hand, if the minister is not selling the toys, why should he be able to adapt them for his purposes? If a Mum sews Barbie outfits for her eight year old daughter’s doll, is she infringing copyright?  Dies this differ from making a stretch Ferrari limousine? Should the adaptation be allowed if the new dolls are not referred to as Playmobile? Questions. Questions.

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