Cheesed Off

According to our friends, the IPKat The (London) Times reports that attempts to get appelation of origin for Red Leicester cheese have come to a halt after the main makers could not agree on the recipe. See

 Specifically, David and Jo Clarke and Long Clawson dairy can’t agree on whether a starter, commonly used in Swiss cheeses should be included. Yes, says Long Clawson, but no say the Clarkes, who insist that the addition of the starter alters the flavour of the cheese. It appears therefore that the application is now on hold, although the local councillor, Mr O’Callaghan, hopes that the process will eventually go ahead. ‘The most difficult part of the whole process in applying for protection is agreeing what you are trying to protect’ he is quoted as saying.

It would appear, therefore, that to be protectable as a food from a specific region, a distinctive taste and a standard recipe are required. One hopes that this will stop Lebanese attempts to monopolize humus. However, as the Anti Racism conference shows, where Israel is concerned, double standards are applied.

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