Jordanian Patent Attorney Association Boycotts Israel

Charles Shaban of AGIP writes as follows:

In respect of cooperation. I regret to advise you that the Jordanian Attorneys Syndicate ruled that any attorney dealing with Israel will be subject to cancellation of his license to practice and in fact the Syndicate has proceeded to disbar certain lawyers. Since our firm incorporates several Jordanian attorneys, we have been advised that if we deal with Israeli companies, we will be jeopardizing the licenses of our attorneys.

It is not the first time we have come across this unofficial boycott. Some of our clients, particularly pharmaceutical manufacturers, file in Jordan, and have had applications abandoned.  Officially, after a historic peace treaty signed between the Late King Hussain and the Late Prime Minister, Itzhak Rabin, there is a normalization of relations between Israel and Jordan. 

In this instance, it is Jordan that loses out. Israeli science and engineering is more advanced than that or her neighbors, but labor is cheaper in the surrounding Arab states. A normalization of relationships between Israel and Jordan would result in closer economic cooperation that is more important to Jordan than to Israel.

Of course, this should be dealt with on a political level. It does not help that when the Special 301 Report published, Ben Eliezer (Fuad) the Minister of Trade and Industry has announced his ignorance of IP issues.  One also wonders where WIPO is.

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