Katy Perry Vs Katie Perry

Katy Perry, the American pop singer whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is attempting to block an Australian fashion designer from trade-marking her clothing range with the brand name Katie Perry.

The designer, who started her high-end Katie Perry lounge wear label two years ago, apparently filed a trademark application in September 2008 and recently opened her first outlet in Sydney. She has, however received a cease-and-desist order from representatives of the EMI-signed artist, who are attempting to prevent the “similar name” being used in connection with the clothing label.

The problem is that the Australian businesswoman was named Katie Jane Perry as a baby, although is also known as Katie Howell.

The American pop singer, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, (called Katy Perry – although not her name) has become a mainstream star in Australia, with hits including “I Kissed A Girl” and “Hot N Cold”.   She is booked to tour Australia this August, beginning Aug. 12 in Brisbane.

This is reminiscent of The White Knight explanation about the song named “A-sitting On a Gate” that is called “Ways and Means”, having the song’s name that is “The Aged Aged Man” but which is called Haddocks’ Eyes.

There are a fair number of similar cases that have gone to court in various jurisdictions. Lego tried to stop a Ms Lego from opening up an art gallery in Denmark. Yoko Ono tried to stop a flower child named Lennon from singing country and Western under that name. generally, something being one’s birth name is a good excuse.

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