Teva, Sandoz and Mayne Do Not Infringe Eloxatin Patents

The U.S. District Court of New Jersey has granted summary judgment against Sanofi-Aventis in favor of Israel’s Teva and to Sandoz and Mayne Pharma (Hospira), establishing that patents for Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin) are not infringed by injection.

 Eloxatin is protected by a number of patents: US5,338,874 (Expiry Apr 07,2013) US5,420,319 (Expiry Aug 08,2016) US 5,716,988 (Expiry Aug 07,2015) US 5,290,961 (Expiry Jan 12, 2013) xaliplatin was discovered in 1976 at Nagoya City University in Japan by Professor Yoshinori Kidani, who was granted US4169846 over the drug in 1979. This has now expired. Oxaliplatin is a platinum-based chemotherapy drug that is typically administered in combination with fluorouracil and leucovorin and used to treat colorectal cancer. Eloxatin gained European approval in 1999 and USFDA approval in 2004.

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