Swiss Manufacturer of Pez Candies Sues Museum of Pez Memorablia for Trademark Infringement

Patrafico AG, the maker of Pez candies, has sued the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia for displaying a giant-sized copy of a Pez dispenser  that is claimed to be  the worlds largest Pez dispenser.

The Swiss candymaker is claiming trademark infringement.  the candy dispensers come with a variety of heads. Paskesz even makes Kosher Pez.

Sometimes one wonders why companies choose to file suit. one would assume that the US based museum generates interest in and thus sales of the sweets. If the Swiss company want to own the record, why don’t they simply commission a bigger dispenser?  

Categories: Intellectual Property, News, trademarks

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  1. What are they thinking of?
    I won’t buy anymore of their product till they drop the suit and reimburse the Museum for any cost they incurred.
    I think this suit is just plain stupid.
    The PEZ people should find better more qualified attorneys to represent the,

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