Israeli Company Red Bend sues Google over Chrome

Israeli start-up Red Bend Software Inc. has filed suite against Google Inc. for patent infringement over Google’s Chrome browser, with the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts in Boston.

Red Bend develops software for remote updating mobile content and managing connectivity between devices. The Israeli company claims that Chrome includes an algorithm that, for some reason beyond me, is called Courgette, that enables Google to distribute partial software updates. Courgette allegedly infringes a Red Bend patent registered in April 2003, on technology which enables wireless carriers to efficiently distribute updates for mobile-phone software. Red Bend is claiming willful infringement and thus triple damages.

Disclaimer:  I have no first hand knowledge or opinion as to whether Chrome infringes Red Bend’s software. For the record, I also have no opinion regarding Chrome, although as a Materials Scientist, prefer the more formal Chromium. As to Courgettes (zucchini), personally I prefer them to the light green kishu that is more commonly available in Israel.

2 Responses to Israeli Company Red Bend sues Google over Chrome

  1. gerickson says:

    I’m pretty sure Courgette is a play off of the word Corvette, picked because Corvette’s are known to be fast and Chrome’s partial update algorithm is supposed to be much faster than their previous algorithm. And it isn’t just for wireless devices…they use it to push Chrome updates to desktops, also.

    You really should do your research.

  2. I do my research regarding which Israeli companies are suing and being sued, and regarding Israel related IP issues. Why the hell should I do research into why Red Bend or Microsoft choose particular names for their algorithms? I will continue to make tongue-in-cheek remarks on issues of that nature without extensive research.

    You may be right of course as to the reason, but having waded through Ludwig Wittgenstein in an earlier life, philosophising on names isn’t my thing.

    Anyway, a courgette doesn’t give me an impression of speed. Not like a pea from a pea-shooter. Actually I can see a tomato used as a projectile.

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