Invitation to Submit Briefs to IPO re Software Patent Policy in Israel

Following the successful recent round-table discussion at the Israel Patent Office, see:

the Israel Patent Office has requested that interested parties submit position papers. The catch is that they are limited to four sides with one-and-a-half line spacing, and probably should be in Hebrew – which means more material can be submitted since Hebrew is generally more concise than English anyway. Possibly English and Arabic, as official languages, are acceptable. Best to check. The deadline for filing responses is 15 February 2010.

I don’t recall the Israel Patent Office requesting input like this in the past. The UK Patent Office, USPTO and the EPO have held similar requests for position papers, and the EPO has done so on software patents. There the language problem is more acute. English is certainly acceptable and Arabic and Hebrew are not.  However a large number of other European languages are also OK, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Gaelic and Welsh for example.

I note that Larry Rublin who commented on the Round Table article is tempted to file response. I am generally “for software patents”, so here’s the deal: I will happily file a joint “amicus brief” with any other interested parties who are generally pro, providing they can supply a bulleted list of relevant arguments.

In the interests of fair play and open debate, will publish responses both for and against on this blog provided they are relevant and by people using the Israel Patent Office, Israel inventors or Israel based patent attorneys.

The invitation for briefs comes with a disclaimer from acting on any particular piece of advice and the briefs should be sent to Lihi ZuAretz –, or mailed to her at the Israel Patent Office.

The deadline for submissions to patent office is 15 February 2010. Anyone interested in filing a brief with me, please try to get me material by 15 January 2010.

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