Versace 83 LTD. sues Maariv newspaper for libel

Claiming Libel, Israel fashion company Versace 83 LTD. sued Maariv newspaper and a couple of journalists for relating, in a gossip column, to the celebrity singer Lior Narkis appearing in a Versace suit as wearing apparel with a fake logo instead of the real thing.

Since the Italian Fashion House Gianni Versace had obtained an injunction against Versace 83 LTD and have subsequently had their trademarks cancelled, we are not surprised that the Vice President of the Tel Aviv District Court, Judge Shoshana Almagor threw the case out, and awarded NIS 35000 (about US $10,000) to the defendants.

One has to admire the chutzpah of Versace 83 Ltd. and their lawyers, Yaakov and Chana Kalderon, and it is also worth noting that the case was filed before the marks were cancelled. Nevertheless, one is reminded of the Talmudic metaphor of ritual immersion whilst holding a dead rat…

T.A. 10887/07 Versace 83 LTD. vs. Maariv Information Publishers and Others

Categories: Israel Court Ruling

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