Teva comes to agreement with Barr and Schering Regarding Temodar

Temodar® is an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug used for treatment of anaplastic astrocytoma and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumors. The drug was patented by Schering and is known generically as temozolomide.

Teva have announced that the parties to the patent litigation regarding Barr’s U.S. generic version of Schering’s Temodar(R) have entered into an agreement pending resolution of Schering’s appeal to the Federal Circuit of the U.S. District Court’s decision holding the ‘291 Patent unenforceable. Under the terms of the agreement, subject to limited exceptions, Teva will only market a generic product should the Federal Circuit uphold the District Court’s decision. Furthermore, the agreement grants Teva the right to commence selling its generic product as of August 2013, during the period of Schering’s pediatric exclusivity.

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  1. the judge that gave the opinion in Lundbeks case is not Arbel. its Danziger.

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