Lebanon Retakes Humus Record

After a team of Israeli Arabs in Abu Ghosh recently made a 4 ton plate of Humus in a satellite dish, Lebanon has retaken the world record by preparing a plate of humus that weighs about 11.5 tons.  

Thery also prepared a record breaking earthenware dish for the occasion.

In the village of Al-Fanar around 8 kilometers east of Beirut, some 300 chefs mixed around 8 tons of boiled humus, 2 tons of lemon juice, 2 tons of tahini and 70 kilograms of olive oil to prepare their record-breaking dish which was certified by a representative of the Guinness Book of Records.

As well as retaining the Tabulleh record, they have had a fry up of 5 tonnes of felafel, establishing a record for that and probably cuasing more than a little heartburn!


Although I dispute Lebanon’s attempt to get the felafel and chickpea spread recognized as a Lebanese dish, I have no problem with this recording breaking attempt.

I think that it is in everybody’s interest for national pride to be directed to relatively harmless activities like making humus. Particularly when there is a constant stream of deadly Iranian missiles being delivered to the Hizbollah from Syria.

So personally, I couldn’t care which country holds the record and look forwards to the day when I can travel to Beirut, Ramallah or Damascus to eat pita and humus.

I hope that the tons of food are distributed to the poor though.

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