US Litigators Come to Israel Looking for Clients

Two of the most successful patent litigating firms in the States are coming over to Israel touting for business.

The first, Quinn Emanuel, is holding a moot trial with video link to a jury room and other special effects. The event is free, by invitation, and is being held at the Tel Aviv Hilton. 

For reasons beyond me, Quinn decided to run the event on May 24, thereby clashing with INTA. Along with some 60 or more of Israel’s leading IP practitioners, I will be in Boston then. Ah well!

Registration is via the local organizer Rudy Finn who can, no doubt, explain the logic in the scheduling.

I was privileged to attend their last event in the autumn (fall), and can assure readers that this initiative promises to be very professionally done, with excellent refreshments.

Anyone not at INTA who wishes to attend and write a review of the event, please contact me

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, henceforth Finnegan is running an in-depth two-day seminar in Herzliya that they will be charging for (a mere NIS 3,950 a person, but it does cover both days, as well as continental breakfast, lunch, and mid-session refreshments).

Unless I am offered free press entry as Israel’s leading IP blogger, I think I will give this event a miss – although the program does look very comprehensive.

For a PDF version of the invitation, please click here

Anyone who has the resources to attend this seminar and wishes to write a review of the event for this blog please contact me

It is nice to see that Israel is on the IP litigator’s radar.

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  1. Rudy Finn has been named as a local organizer for Quinn Emanuel presentation in Israel, but no contact information has been posted. Could anyone let me know the contact information 054-5228540,

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