IBM Attorney Discusses Open Source With LES Israel

At a meeting of the Israel branch of the Licensing Executive Society, Adv. Suzanne Erez (IP Law Counsel at IBM Israel) spoke on “Use of Open Source — an In-house Point of View, Plus More “.

The workshop was held at Beit HaPraklit, 10 Daniel Frisch, Tel Aviv.

Suzanne shared some thoughts on dealing with copyright issues in software development, particularly with alleged open-source procedures available on the Internet,  including copyright software.

Suzanne spoke with authority and kept the audience’s attention. She explained the theoretical background and then covered practice. Seeing how a firm like IBM deals with the subject gave an insight into good practice. The importance of having a company policy and ongoing education was stressed. 

She explained the problems that something including copyright material of a competitor getting into a commercial prduct could cause the company, such as compromising licensing agreements in other countries, and went on to explain how risks could be minimized by searching through code for (c), words like copyright, proprietary, etc. problems could be avoided.

 Unfortunately the presentation was in a sort of Yiddish type mix of Hebrew and English. Since the slides were in English, it would probably have been better for the whole presentation to have been in English.

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