Boston 2010 – INTA Conference

I am just back from INTA in Boston – a great tea-party with 8300 participants and perhaps a further 1500 on-schleppers who came for the receptions, etc. but didn’t bother registering.

As we had a booth, I was busy with that and didn’t manage to attend any of the lectures. Instead of reviewing the sessions, which have been covered by other bloggers anyway, I shall, instead, review the freebies!

The following is the consensus reached with my ultra-critical progeny:

Fancy Dress

  1. Soei win hands down with their kimono ninja costumes in blue and pink
  2. Global Estimator come second with their Hawaii flower necklaces in non-crush artificial silk
  3. Acharya‘s cricket fielder’s hat is also worthy of mention being lightweight and comfortable

Back to School – Stationary

  1. Lehmann Lee distributed some very nice pencil cases
  2. OceanMoto had the best pens, which were also nicely boxed
  3. The Pencil division was won hands down by Canadian firm Fasken Martineau who had some really cool pencils having a curly end that was almost treble-clefian in complexity and which matches their logo. I am notm sure how it was manufactured.
  4. Innovia / Pipers gave out some slide-rules for calculating PCT dates, but the kids weren’t very impressed, neither with the functionality not with the product being made of flimsy cardboard
  5. Patrafee gave out a set of 12 wax crayons

Memory Sticks

The highest volume disk-on-key is won by the Office of Harmonization with a 4 Meg mammoth capacity memory stick, that, for some reason, was very bulky. WIPO were giving out very nice leather-bound memory sticks, preloaded with Madrid Info.

Cuddly toys

Lehmann Lee were the only competitor in this section with a furry lion key ring that seems a little large as a key-fob but a bit small as a comforter.

Presents for spouses and assistants

Soei had some nice Japanese business card holders and Kangxin had both passport covers and a sort of vanity purse (I think). I explained to the wife that I’d chosen these items specially after going into innumerable stores, but I am not sure she was convinced.

Office Ornaments

Grant Thornton Yafi & Co. a Lebanese firm had a nice Phoenician knickknack that could add a touch of class to many reception areas. The firm is also worthy of mention due to their authentic Lebanese bakhlava – which is less sticky than the Turkish variety that is more commonly available in Israel.

Party Section

 Finnegan gave a great bash in a blues club, with Electric Light Orchestra providing the entertainment. Soei‘s Japanese themed party attracted some 1500 participants and is also most worthy of mention.

Michael Chesal of Perretz Chessal Herrman deserves a special mention for hosting a Kosher dinner in China Taam, a Kosher Brookline restaurant. Their dessert chocolate business card was delicious.

Incidentally, the INTA opening reception also had a Kosher table, and Sandy apparently held his annual reception with its trademark chopped liver.

I understand from Jeremy Ben-David that in previous years, there were more and more ostentacious parties, but things were toned down due to the recession.

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