The Six Million Shequel Claim

Israel State television (Israel Channel 1) has sued the commercial channels Israel Channel 2 and Israel Channel 10, for NIS 6,000,000 claiming that they had signed an exclusive agreement to screen the Beijing Olympics and that the commercial channels were only allowed to screen up to 30 seconds extracts in news programs, and these no more than three times a day.

The charges detail a blow by blow list of broadcasts. The plaintiff alleges that they are actually entitled to sue for more since each infringement is separately actionable but to lubricate the process, were limiting the amount claimed to NIS 3,000,000 to each channel and to the directors thereof.


We suspect that the timing of this suit and the World Cup is not incidental. Apart from that, I wonder why my TV licence fee goes to pay for the type of television that is commercial? Why doesn’t the Israel State TV use it’s income to support Israel film and documentary makers, etc.? Why not broadcast coverage of local, less commercially attractive sports, like high school soccer, or kick-the-can? 

Then again, the commercial sides need to be punished. Why should I have Hobson’s Choice of the same sporty rubbish on all channels?

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