Israel Police Uncover DVD Copying Lab

In a press-release issued by the special IP Enforcement Squad of the Israel Police, it appears that they have uncovered a workshop creating tens of thousands of fraudulent CDs and DVDs of software, music and films. See . Two suspects have been remanded in custody.


The cost of copying films, music and software is negligible, whereas that of creating them is considerable. In such a situation,  copying is to be expected.

Israel copyright law is at a reasonable level and there are attempts at enforcement, but since the costs of assembling copying equipment is minimal, and there is a business oppportunity, we can be expected to be flooded with fakes. In Israel, there is an additional problem, in that fake goods are created in the areas under Palestinian Autonomy, which makes enforcement more complicated.

The problem is apparently here to stay. nevertheless, we applaud the police for this raid.

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