Israel Patent Office Issues Warning To Unlicensed IP Practitioners


In a surprising but welcome development, the Israel Commissioner of Patents has issued a warning to persons based in Israel who are neither Israel licensed patent attorneys nor attorneys-at-law, that ‘help’ others obtain IP rights in Israel and abroad. The warning makes it clear that the problem is not merely one of whether the cowboy service providers sign the papers or not. Helping filling out the forms is also illegal.

The Commissioner considers Sections 154 and 192 of the Israel Patent Law as prohibiting these actions including giving consulting services, and it would appear that a non-licensed Israeli, including a US patent agent that helps someone in Israel file a US provisional application, or an IP consultant that is not licensed, who provides services for a fee is committing an illegal act.

We are a little surprised that the issue has apparently come to the attention of the Israel Patent Office only recently. Evidently not everyone working there reads this blog!

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  1. At least someone somewhere does something about unlicensed practice of law. In Canada, it seems that very soon everyone with a driving license will be allowed to draft patent and trademark applications for clients and argue oppositions in the Federal Court.


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