Israel Patent Office Closed for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Id Ul Fitr

The Israel Patent Office is closed for the Jewish Holidays. Since Ramadan ends on 10th September with Id’ul Fitr, it is closed for the Muslim holiday as well.

All deadlines falling over closure period are extended until the day after. With the Israel Patent Office closed from 22nd September 2010 to 3rd October 2010, it is possible to restore a missed Paris deadline for filing a PCT elsewhere in the world, by making an Israeli entity (like me) a part owner.

How does this work? Say, the missed deadline is 25th September 2010. That is a Saturday, and so any of the very many PCT receiving offers, including the International Bureau in Geneva are closed on Saturday and Sunday, allowing the application to be filed up to Midnight on Monday 27th. If that date is missed, then making an Israeli a co-owner, say of profits in Trinidad & Tobago, will enable us to file the application for you on 3 October 2010. It’s a nice legal loophole to bear in mind.

Israelis can similarly take advantage of closures elsewhere for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

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