Jury Rules that Camtek Infringes August’s Technology

A jury has ruled that Camtek’s semiconductor wafer inspection system infringes August’s patent rights. See http://www.patentlyo.com/patent/2010/09/stays-pending-appeal.html?

The case: Technology Corp. v. Camtek (Fed. Cir. 2010) (non-precedential order).

Along with its appeal on the merits, Camtek filed an emergency motion to stay the injunctive relief until the appeal is resolved.  Writing for the panel, Judge Lourie denied the stay — writing only that Camtek had not “met its burden.” 

 Camtek is an Israel firm that is involved with contentous litigation with a second Israel firm, Orbotech, and also with Rudolf  , a German inspection system manufacturer. See https://blog.ipfactor.co.il/2010/06/03/camtek-sued-by-rudolf-again/

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