Copyright in Schindler’s List?

Oskar Schindler, a Nazi, womanizer and playboy saved a large number of Jews from extermination in the Holocaust by forcing them to work in his factory. The story is told in Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally , renamed Schindler’s List after the producer Steven Spielberg made a full length feature film about the story, see’s_List.

The original list of names has come up for sale and is being offered by a Manhattan dealer in Memorabilia,

 Schindler’s heir Marta Erika Rosenberg tried to block the sale by claiming copyrights. Judge Louis York rightly dismissed the claim as being irrelevant since the issue is not whether one copy the work, but ownership of the original.

I very much hope that someone purchases the list and donates it to Yad Vashem or one of the other Holocaust museums.  Indeed, there are a number of items being sold by Moments in Time that I’d like to see in museums.

I think Schindler’s legacy is that he wasn’t a saint. He was a real person with real faults. Yet, despite his flaws he saved hundreds of Jews from the death camps. His actions show up the non-action of church leaders, and of the Allies who didn’t bomb the railway lines to Auschwitz.

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