Coca Cola’s Trade Secret – Alcohol?!

According to Globes, an Israel business daily, an Israeli Moslem Arab has filed a class action against Coca Cola and their Israel bottling plant, claiming NIS 1000 damages on behalf of all Israeli Moslems – and there are about 1,200,000 of them.

On what grounds? Alcohol consumption against Islamic law.

I drink Coca Cola, and occasionally alcohol. I am highly skeptical of the claim that Coca Cola’s secret formula contains alcohol. nevertheless, the case could get interesting, not least because there seems to be little Israel case-law on trade secrets.

How will Coca Cola LTD prove that their drink doesn’t contain alcohol?

Will an affidavit be sufficient?

Will the Complainant have to provide some laboratory evidence that there is some ethanol present?

Does Sharaya law forbid alcohol in trace concentrations? Jewish Law tends to ignore trace elements as annulled by the majority, particularly if there is less than 1/60 and it does not have any effect on taste.  If the alcohol (if present) affects the taste, then presumably in Jewish Law it would not be voided.

One thing is certain, Coca Cola is less alcoholic than Shandy. 

For more details, see

We note that it is not April 1, Purim, or even Purim Katan.

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  1. Generally speaking it is the Plaintiff – not the Defendant – who has the burden of proof.
    Coca Cola does not have to prove it has no alcohol. Rather it is the Moslem plainitffs who have to prove that it has sufficient alcohol to creat a religious issue for them
    I defer to Michael’s expertise on Israeli law, but in a USA court case like this, the plaintiffs would have to bring to the trial established engineers and lab experts who can explain how they tested the samples and establish that there is alcohol.
    An affidavit would not be adequate. Laboratory evidence from a reliable lab would be mandatory in a US action.


  1. General Global Week in Review 28 February 2011 from IP Think Tank

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