Conference on Intellectual Property in Jewish Law



Are Delighted to Invite you to Participate in a

Conference on Intellectual Property in Jewish Law

JMB, Factor & Co. and Yad HaRav Herzogare delighted to invite you to a full day Conference on IP in Jewish Law, to be held on Sunday 26, June 2011 (24 Sivan 5771)

at the Yeshurun Center, 44 King George Street, Jerusalem.


Words of Welcome

Rabbi Prof. Abraham Sternberg 

My Grandfather Rabbi Yitzchak Issac Herzog’s Legacy

MK Isaac Herzog

The Halachic Basis of Intellectual Property in Jewish Law

Rabbi and Rabbinic Court Judge Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and

Former President of Supreme Rabbinic Court Rabbi Judge Shlomo Dzaichowski

Jurisprudence – IP in Jewish Law

Prof. Yechiel Kaplan, Haifa University

Bans and Approvals for Books – A Rabbinic Approach to Balancing Between Author and Publisher’s Rights and the Common Good

Rabbi Prof. Nahum Rakover, former Deputy Attorney General of the State of Israel and Director Jewish Legal Heritage Center

Halachic Obligation on the Individual to Recognize Secular IP Laws

Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, Director, The Zomet Institute

Historical Development of IP in Jewish Law

Rabbi Prof. Gershon Bacon, Bar-Ilan University 

An Overview of Recent Patent, Trademark and Copyright Issues of Interest to Jewish Law

Adv. Aharon Factor and Dr. Michael Factor, JMB, Factor & Co. 

The Influence of Secular Law on IP in Halacha

Prof. David Nimmer, UCLA

Copyright in Jewish Law from Maimonides to Microsoft

Prof. Neil Netanel, UCLA

Trade Secrets in Jewish Law

Prof. Jeremy Phillips, Center for Intellectual Property, QMW, University of London


IP in Islamic Law

Prof. Amir Khoury, Tel Aviv University

IP in Christian Law

Dr. Roman Cholij, Trademark Attorney

 To register:

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