Israel returned to the US Special IP Report Blacklist

Back in 2010 we reported on an agreement reached between Israel and the US in Washington, where the Israel delegation, headed by the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade Director General Sharon Kedmi agreed to amend the Israel Patent Law regarding pharmaceutical patent term extensions, in return for which, the US dropped Israel from the blacklist of countries with inadequate IP protection in the Special 301 report, relegating Israel to the watchlist only. See Israel to be Downgraded to US Special 301 Watch List and Proposed Amendment to Israel Patent Law made Public for more details.

Although a draft amendment was circulated to patent attorneys, IP lawyers and others for their comments, the amendment was never passed.

Consequently, Israel has been returned to the blacklist.


This development is not surprising. I don’t think the position adopted by the US is a more moral position or an objectively better balance between free market competition and patentee’s results, nor do I think the amendment is warranted. I see this as simply an example of US protectionist bullying.

Then again, paraphrasing the late great Groucho Marx, who’s interested in joining a club that would have them as a member?

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