Dr Edgar Luzzatto 1914-2011

Dr Edgar Luzzatto, a third generation patent attorney, passes away at 97.
Our condolences are extended to son, Kfir (Riccardo), senior partner of Luzzatto et Luzzatto.

Edgar joined the Italian firm Luzzatto et Luzzatto to work with his father Enrico and his brother, for a brief period before World War II. He left Italy for the USA where he served in the United States Army in the years 1941-1946, fighting in the Pacific Ocean theater.
He practiced in the USA as a registered patent agent, and after a few
years returned to Italy where he worked as a consultant to foreign and local industry.

In 1976 he started a practice as a registered patent attorney in Israel, which was to become Luzzatto & Luzzatto. Dr Edgar Luzzatto left the partnership in 2000 and continued as a consultant until
2004, where he retired aged 90.

The Luzzatto family are descended from an aristocratic Italian family of that included many eminent rabbis. Indeed, at the IP in Jewish Law Conference I organized on Sunday, Professor Gershon Bacon reproduced and referred to the Rabbinic Approval of a songbook published in Italy in 1623, where, amongst other Rabbinic signatories, was Simcha Luzzatto, an early rabbinic forbear. This type of ban against copying predates the first copyright law, the Statute of Anne, by 86 years!

4 Responses to Dr Edgar Luzzatto 1914-2011

  1. Michael says:

    Very nice obituary. You and your blog are a class act
    Michael Neuvirth

    • Michael,

      I remember Edgar, or the Godfather, as I referred to him, from my early days in the field when I worked for L&L.

      Appart from the personal tragedy for the children who are often in the filed, it is a shame that in two or three years, the Israel Patent Profession has lost senior patent attorneys like Dr Edgar Luzzatto, Dr Stanley Davis, Simon Lavie and Dr Michael Cohen. Also some of the patent office staff and commissioners are no longer with us.

      What a wealth of experience has been lost with the passing away of a handful of old-time professionals!

  2. Michael says:

    Very interesting. Maybe you could do a blog piece covering these legends of Israeli patent law. The new generations really do not know any of these people and their contributions.

    If you decide to do so, I can provide you with some more information on Dr. Edgar Luzzatto.

    Michael Neuvirth

    • I don’t have the perspective to do this.

      In the past, where relevant, have obtaned help from shimon Shalit who has 40 years in the business.

      As I am sure you are aware, I obtained details of Dr Edgar Luzzatto’s life from the Luzzatto website. I am happy to expand with additional information that you can provide if Kfir and Etty consider the material appropriate for an obituary.

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