Easy to Wed – a less than romantic clash between service providers

Easy-to-Wed, a one-stop shop internet portal offering the services of wedding dress designers, caterers, video cameramen, photographers, florists, caterers and invitation services by way of referral. By agreeement between the sides, Easy-to-Wed offered the services of Sharon Livni Golan who provided a wedding invitation service under the name EZprint, which was also protected by a registered trademark.

The two companies fell out and Easy-to-Wed were asked to drop references to EZprint who were subsequently sued for copyright infringement for displaying an EZprint invitiation and for trademark infringement, passing off, unjust enrichment, etc. One of the arguments were rights in Easy or EZ.  In total, Easy to Wed was sued for statutory damages of NIS 396,000.

Judge Sharon Geller threw out most of the charges but ruled copyright infringement by Easy-to-Wed displaying a puzzle type wedding invitation designed by the complainant on their website after being asked to remove it and after the sides parted company. She went on to award damages of NIS 15,000. In view of the massive discrepancy between the requested and what she considered fair statutory damages, no costs were awarded.

EZprint’s products are shown on their website: http://www.ezprint.co.il/


Easy-to-wed’s website is here: http://www.easywed.co.il/

The Case: T.A. 59011-07 Livni vs. Easy to Wed LTD. et al. 15 August 2011 by Judge Sharon Geller

ת”א 59011-07 לבני נ’ איזי-טו ווד בע”מ 


Getting wedded has always been easy. The difficulty is making the state of matrimony work. As the Late Rev Hardman used to say, “Marriages are made in Heaven. Their maintenance is an earthly task”.

Business arrangements are not so easy to get right either.

Easy to Wed is a 1946 American musical comedy film directed by Edward Buzelle. The film stars Lucille Ball in a part that developed into the hit series I Love Lucy.

This decision may be most noteworthy for having issued on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Ab, otherwise known as Tu b’Av, the traditional Jewish festival of love that commemorates when after the tribe was almost wiped out following a civil war, men from the tribe of Benjamin could chose brides from any tribe. See (see judges chapter 21:12-23, and Babylonian Talmud, tractate Ta’anit 30b-31a.

I don’t think this is coincidental. I suspect that the judge was being cute.

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