Contributory Copyright Infringment Can Be Passive

As reported in, Israel’s Supreme Court has upheld a judicial tort of contributory copyright infringement, finding Israel’s Labour Party guilty for activities performed to attract students to affiliated student associations. However, the Supreme Court did not find the Hebrew University responsible for infringing copies of textbooks sold by student societies.  Shocken, the publisher, appealed this decision and requested a Further Hearing.

The President of the Supreme Court, Beinish, rejected the request for a further hearing. Contrary to Shocken’s understanding she considers that the ruling does not rule out claiming damages for contributory infringement by failing to act, but that in the circumstances, the Hebrew University’s failure to police copyright on campus did not amount to copyright infringement.

D.N.A. 5004/11 Shocken House Book Publishers vs. The Hebrew University, The Israel Labour Party and Yaakov Cohen


I am a little scared by the concept of contributory copyright infringement by failing to act to prevent infringement. No doubt time will teach when this is to be applied. I do think it is a good thing that universities are not expected to actively police photocopying machines, and to review what is sold in all clubs and societies on campus.

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  1. Would this Supreme Court decision be published in English somewhere? Thanks! – Eugene

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