Israel is in “Law & Practice: Middle East & Africa” but should it be?

I’ve just been appointed to the Law & Practice: Middle East & Africa of the INTA Bulletin Committee for the 2012 – 2013 Committee Term. I am honoured that the International Trademark Association (INTA) has appointed me to the committee and will try to keep the INTA Bulletin updated regarding trademark developments in Israel.

It occurs to me that though Israel is geographically clearly in the Middle East, apart from the hummous wars, the Israel domestic market, manufacturing capabilities and other business considerations make putting Israel into this geographical area a little odd. One hopes for normalization with other Middle Eastern countries, but apart from visionaries like Shimon Peres, few see it happening in the short-term.

I suspect that when considering whether or not to file and prosecute trademarks in Israel, most businesses would consider Israel as perhaps more similar to Singapore, Hong Kong or New Zealand than to any of the African or Middle East countries.

Anyway, will try to keep tabs on trademarks developments with our neighbours.

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