Shana Tova

Thursday and Friday are the Jewish New Year, commemorating the creation of the world, and God’s dominion thereover. It is also a time when, according to Jewish tradition, everyone is judged for the year ahead.

I take this opportunity to wish all readers a year of peace and prosperity, health and happiness. Shana Tova!

Please note, JMB, Factor & Co will be closed over the holiday, as will the Israel Patent Office.

Filing deadlines in Israel will be extended until Sunday 2nd October 2011.

I note with some bemusement that the Chinese Patent Office is closed for a national holiday from 1 October 2011.

Why bemusement, well it seems that patent deadlines are extended until 10 October 2011, but trademark deadlines only until 8 October 2011.

One wonders why the different departments have different lengthed national holidays?

Is it to do with confusion regarding the new moon, or is it something totally different? Anyone able to enlighten?


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  1. i am from Trinidad and Tobago an island Republic in the Caribbean.I would like to take this time to extent my best wishes to the Jewish Community on their celebrations May God continue to bless you

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