JMB, Factor & Co Hosts Seminar on Medical Device and Life Sciences Patent Protection, Reimbursement and FDA Approval

This afternoon, JMB, Factor & Co. held a seminar on patenting medical device patents. I spoke about using FDA approval as a back door method of enforcing therapeutic patents in the US. My colleague Dr Moshe Tritel spoke about obtaining effective patent protection for gene sequences and pharmaceutical molecules and Dr Irv Treitel gave a wide-ranging presentation on various aspects of protecting medical devices, including the changes resulting from the new America Invents legislation, whether or not to conduct searches and the advantages of design patent protection, continuations and continuations in part.

Each of the patent related talks was kept to 10 minutes, so the three talks were focussed and fast-moving and took a mere 30 minutes in total.

Alan G. Minsk, a partner of Arnall Golden Gregory LLP in Atlanta, spoke about obtaining FDA approval and gave a very polished presentation that was peppered with anecdotes.

After a short break, Mr Amir Inbar of Mediclever spoke about Reimbursement, and then a couple of our clients, Mr Omer Carmel of Niti Surgical Solutions and Mr Avraham Harris of Sythezza Molecular Detection Israel, spoke about their practical experiences with the issue raised. The conference room was packed, and it seemed that the audience found the event informative. In contrast to what so often happens at IP events in Israel, my partner, Jeremy Ben David, who compered the seminar, managed to keep the event on schedule, and although the break was 5 minutes late, the event, with seven speakers, finished bang on time.

We acknowledge the help of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce who co-sponsored the event.


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