Next Sittings for Israel Patent Attorney Qualification Examinations

A week ago, the Israel Patent Office informed us that henceforth dates of examinations would ONLY be published on the Official website. See here

As I pointed out at the time, since there is a limited number of qualified mentors and a limited number of candidates who have all registered as trainees and so are known to the Israel Patent Office, the work involved in informing potential examination candidates is minimal. Furthermore, the little community of IP practitioners in Israel generally subscribe to the contact list of the Israel Patent Office and so simply informing the contact list would be fairly trivial, and, I suspect easier than updating the website.

I am not sure which personnel at the Israel Patent Office follow my blog, but it would be nice to think that my comments were heeded. That as may be, we are delighted to inform readers that the Israel Patent Office has recanted and have notified the mailing list.

the details are also available on the website and can be found  here

For those candidates who have problems with Hebrew legalese, in summary:

The oral exam will take place on Sunday 26 February 2012 and on Tuesday 28 February 2012, and candidates should keep both days free.

The written exam will take place in 19 February 2012 for those candidates wishing to display their skills at drafting chemistry or life science type applications. The exam that tests ability to draft mechanical, electronic and computer science type applications  will take place on Tuesday 21 February 2012.

Candidates should register a month earlier, i.e. by 19 January 2012 using this form

There is a minor mistake regarding the fee to be paid. Never mind. Several questions remain open. for example, some practitioners, such as myself, draft in both the predictable and unpredictable arts. Can such candidates sit both written papers? Can they register to both, look at the paper on the 19th and decide not to attempt it, but to come back two days later?

We also wait with bated breath to see if the examination committee for the oral exams will include ‘not more than one patent attorney’ as required by Law.


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