And who, are you?

And, who, are you?

The Association of Patent Attorneys in Israel, the A.P.A.I., is hosting a talk by committee member Daniel Freimann whose title is “Who are we Patent Attorneys”.

 It is not clear how the title should be parsed.

  • “Who are we? Patent Attorneys?”
  • “Who? Are we patent Attorneys?”
  • “Who Are We Patent Attorneys?”

I must admit that prior to receiving an invitation for this event, I didn’t have an identity problem beyond the usual midlife crisis. It is not clear if Freimann has a personal problem or if his title reflects an epidemic of identity failure within the profession.

Perhaps the organization is not merely lecturing to its members, but is actually querying them, and wants feedback from the more recently qualified practitioners.

That as may be, the event will be held at 4:30 PM on 3, January 2012, as always, in the Zionist Federation House, Tel Aviv.

Registration, for registered members of the organization only, via Ms Nessie Ben-Yosef,, no later than December 25, 2011.

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