America Invents, and you can learn about it in Israel!

Bar Ilan university are hosting a full day conference on 4 January 2012 to debate the ramifications of the changes in the US Patent Law wrought by the America Invents Act.

To register, or to receive more details, please contact Dr Miriam Bitton:

The event is sponsored by S.T. Colb and will be held in the Wohl Center, Hall 1 of the Bar Ilan Campus.

The program hasn’t been released yet, but apparently Judge Randall Rader the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will be lecturing, so regardless of who else is presenting, the event will be worth attending.


Two years ago, the dynamic Bitton-Colb duo gave us a conference titled, After Re Bilski Now What? which unfortunately took place several months before the Bilski decision was heard by the Supreme Court.  See  here. That conference, spread over two days, was characterized by a lot of vacuous waffle and prophecies that never materialized. We therefore applaud the decision to concentrate on recent historical (and perhaps historic) amendments to the US Law.

In January last year, S.T. Colb teamed up with Fish Richardson and held an event on patent litigation in the US. That event was again cosponsored, at least officially, by Bar Ilan.  For more details, see here.

We suspect that the refreshments at Bar Ilan will be less of a high standard, but lower than the fayre at the Hilton. Looking forwards.

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