JMB, Factor & Co. is Disbanding

Working in the field of intellectual property – as in many other disciplines – is dynamic. Partnerships and alliances have a beginning and an end.

After 3½ years of working together, Jeremy Ben-David and I have decided to end our partnership on December 31, 2011. We have both decided to pursue different directions within the IP field.

This is an amicable parting of the ways based on mutual respect.

Jeremy Ben-David will continue in the existing Jerusalem premises, as JMB Davis Ben-David – Patents, Designs & Trademarks. He may be contacted here:

I will provide full details of my plans in January, but in the meantime, can be reached at


Wishing all clients, associates and blog followers a Successful 2012!




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2 replies

  1. All best wishes for the next stage in your career. Looking forward to reading about it on the blog. It was good to meet up. With warm regards,
    shabbat shalom, Happy Hannukah


  2. lots of luck to you both :)

    hope the blog will stay active…

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