Hebrew University to Host One Day Conference on Global & Local Innovations in Patent Law

On 21 March 2012, the Law Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is hosting a seminar titled “Global & Local Innovations in Patent Law”.

The program will start with registration at 8:45 am, and at 9:00 am, Prof. Barak Medina (Hebrew University), the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks Adv. Assa Kling and Dr Guy Pessach (Hebrew University), will provide words of welcome.

The morning program proper starts at 9:30 with Professor Martin Adelman of George Washington University speaking on “Legal Developments in the United States”, followed by Dr Miriam Biton (Bar Ilan University) at 10:15 on “Updates in the Israel Law”.

After a coffee break at 11:15 am, Dr Amir Khoury (Tel Aviv University) will speak on “Developments in Europe and Internationally”.

At 12 PM there will be a question and answer session – but it is not clear who is questioning who. I suspect the speakers mentioned above will take questions from the audience.

From 12:30 to 2 pm there will be a lunch break, followed by an afternoon program devoted to developments and changes in patent examination in Israel.

Adv. Assa Kling will talk on the topic “is there an alternative to patent examination?”  and Adv. Amit Ashkenazi the legal counsel to the Law and Technology Agency will talk on “Government and Web 2.0 – Legal Ramifications of Public Involvement”.

At 3:30, the coffee addicts will have a fourth opportunity to get their caffeine fix, and

at 3:45 Adv. Tal Band (Shin Horowitz) will talk on “Public Involvement and Intervention in Patent Granting in Israel” followed at 4:30 by Adv. Howard Poliner, Dept. of Advice and Legislation, Ministry of Justice, on “the Public Face – Responses”.

At 5:15 there will be a further opportunity for questions.

To register: law_hasama@savion.huji.ac.il the event will be held in Bet Meyersdorf in the Mt Scopus Campus.


We are pleased to see that the Hebrew University is not leaving IP conferences to Bar Ilan, Ono and Haifa University. The program seems more wide-ranging than previous IP programs this year. All the speakers are good lecturers, albeit, the program seems a little overly heacy with academics rather than practitioners.

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