Israel Patent Office Closure for Pesach

The Israel Patent Office will be closed from 6th April 2012 to 15th April 2012 for the festival of Pesach (Passover). All deadlines falling within this period are extended to Sunday 15th April 2012.

This provides an opportunity for those with a Paris Convention deadline falling within this time period to obtain an unofficial extension until the 16th.

How does this work? If an overseas applicant with a Paris deadline falling in the period 6th -15th April 2012 assigns rights in some minor market, such as Trinidad & Tobago, to an Israeli entity, such as myself, so that the Israel receiving office has jurisdictional competence, a PCT application may be filed in Israel on 15th April 2012  and this will be considered as timely filed.   This is an opportunity not to be passed over!

Note however, the USPTO will not recognize the priority claim of a US national phase entry of a PCT application that claims priority from a US provisional application since the applicant could have filed in the US in a timely manner. Indeed, the US won’t accept the priority claim even if all applicants and inventors are Israelis, and the USPTO is not a legitimate receiving office. See


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