Orthodox Union in United States Enforces Kashrut Supervision with Trademark Suit

The Orthodox Union has a registered trademark for the circle U sign as shown.

MOOMilk, a product of a dairy in Maine uses the symbol but their milk is not supervised by the Orthodox Union. 

In the suit, the Orthodox Union said it made clear to MOOMilk that its symbol was a protected trademark:

“MOOMILK’s conduct has injured the Orthodox Union and kosher consumers who rely on the Orthodox Union and the OU mark as an indicator that a merchant using that mark or a product bearing that mark has been supervised, endorsed or approved by the Orthodox Union,”

The suit asks for a preliminary injunction to keep MOOMilk from using the trademark. It also demands that MOOMilk provide details about all of the dairy’s unauthorized use of the mark and give information of “all sales and profits gained from the sale of products, bearing or sold in connection with MOOMilk’s use of an unauthorized OU mark.”

The union is looking for damages “in an amount of three times the amount of the Orthodox Union’s damages or MOOMilk’s profits … for MOOMilk’s intentional and willful use of a counterfeit OU mark.”   See here for more details.


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