Brand New Reference Work on “Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel”


It is not every day that a significant book on IP in Israel is published.

Oxford University Press have just published a single volume overview of Intellectual property law in Israel, that was written by Two Israeli litigators, Eran Liss and Dan Adin. 

The 712 page tome is supposed to cover copyright, patents, designs, trademarks, unjust enrichment, and the  integrated circuit protection law, and to cover the case-law and how the courts rule on these issues.

Eran Liss and  Dan Adin are experienced litigators and founding partners of Adin-Liss Law Offices, a fairly recent Israeli IP boutique based in Tel Aviv.

We assume that this work will be of great interest to active patent attorneys and lawyers practicing in Israel, to trainee Israel patent attorneys sitting the theory exams, to academics interested in comparative law, and to large IP firms abroad, wishing to have a handy reference work.

I have not read the book yet, but look forward to critically reviewing it. In the meantime therefore, I am publishing reviews by Professor Jeremy Phillips and by Dr Amir Khoury.

“In a commercially volatile country like Israel — with its lively and imaginative legal profession, a profusion of legal and business cultures, a vigorously competitive marketplace, ambitious traders, and a surging economy — the practice of intellectual property law has a sense of immediacy and intensity which few other jurisdictions can match. With Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel, Israeli practitioners Eran Liss and Dan Adin have written the definitive text for all English-speaking lawyers and strategic advisers with clients doing business in Israel.”

–Professor Jeremy Phillips, Editor, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice

“Israel has had a longstanding affair with intellectual property, innovation, and IP-related production. Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel is an exceptional contribution to the understanding of this topic, and helps readers to use and navigate the IP system in Israel on legislative, judicial, and administrative levels. In its breadth of coverage and depth of analysis, the book is a strong addition to the library of anyone engaged in legal analysis of IP laws as well as anyone practicing international trade and business with Israel. I recommend it highly to practitioners and academics alike.”

–Dr. Amir H. Khoury, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law,Tel Aviv University

“Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel” by Eran Liss and Dan Adin                  

ISBN13: 9780199917419   ISBN10: 0199917418  Paperback

712 pages, 6-1/8 x 9-1/4; date of publication – Apr 2012,  cost: $225.00  


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