“Tea & Torah” or “Coffee & Copyright???”

Apologizing for the short notice, tomorrow at 4 PM, Professor Nachum Rakover, Professor Jeremy Phillips, Dr Neil Wilcoff, myself, my brother Aharon and other IP enthusiasts will discuss the following two questions raised by Professor Rakover:

1.  Can someone who has purchased a printed book that is under copyright protection, scan it into digital format for his own personal use?

2. Can that person give a copy to a third party who has also purchased the printed book?

What is the position in civil copyright law? What is the position in Jewish law?

Anyone interested in joining the discussion is welcome to join us tomorrow at the Jerusalem Business Center, No. 24 Hillel Street.  

Anyone wishing to submit an analysis is invited to do so by posting comments.

If we reach any conclusions tomorrow, I’ll publish them.


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